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Genuine Spare Parts: quality of the original, available on demand

The Putzmeister brand of reliability comes from almost 60 years of experience, innovation and research. Choosing a genuine spare is an investment in a legacy of proven quality, the kind that never lets you down. High performance, safety, authenticity and durability tested, genuine parts are guaranteed to sustain wear and tear in the roughest conditions. And it’s delivered on time, to your needs, wherever in the world you are. But that's not all. We offer protection over and above the minimum legal requirements, so you can be assured of the safety of your people and business at all times.

Why Use Genuine Spares: safer for your people, better for your projects

At Putzmeister, our replacement parts are manufactured with the same degree of care, precision and quality checks as the original. Thus, while our machines are engineered to minimise breakdown and service issues, in the rare event a part needs to be replaced; our customers may rest easy that the replacement will be as reliable and efficient as the original. Simply put: Our high quality genuine parts optimise the performance of your equipment and give it a longer service life. This means you have to deal with lesser maintenance and fewer repairs, resulting in shorter downtime and reduced operating costs. Most importantly, it ensures maximum safety for operators and personnel at job sites. Available in 120 countries, Putzmeister genuine parts are delivered with maximum outreach in minimum possible time. In other words, no matter where your work site is located, we will reach you.


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  • Why genuine parts?

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    Your benefits with Putzmeister genuine parts

    Engineered for success. Solid partnership. Experience paves the way. These are the principles of Putzmeister, with which we have committed ourselves to bring high value products and excellent services to the customers.


    Your benefits with Putzmeister genuine parts

    • Superior Reliability - Make your equipment run better and last longer
    • Extreme Efficiency – Optimize the performance of your equipment
    • Best Quality – Work the First time, every time
    • Reduced Operating Costs - Maximize your returns with fewer maintenance and repairs over the life of your equipment
    • Maximum Safety – Improve the safety for operators and job site personnel
    • Worldwide Availability 24/7 – Increase your flexibility by using our warehouses in over 120 countries

    Your safety is our job

    • Putzmeister Genuine Parts always meet the highest requirements on service and wear life.
    • Putzmeister Genuine Parts are offering you additional protection - even above legal requirements.
    • The constant enhancement of components and accessories at Putzmeister is always dedicated to improve the safety of your operator and other personnel on the job site.

    Designed for value-preserving

    • Only Putzmeister Genuine Parts guarantee you the necessary reliability for your business.
    • Don’t endanger your reputation by using cheap aftermarket alternatives.
    • The quality of Putzmeister Genuine Parts enables you to fully concentrate on your core business.
    • Putzmeister wear parts are tested in assemblage and designed for the roughest operations.
    • Therewith we offer you long-lasting components for a guaranteed ideal wear behavior.
    • Convenient maintenance is already considered in the design phase.
    • Easy access to all components - saves time and money.

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    We at Putzmeister guarantee you that our high quality equipment can resist the toughest challenges. But even the best equipment can only deliver an optimum performance if it is serviced on a regular basis. We are always at your doorstep, to ensure a long and smooth operating life.

    We understand what an equipment shutdown can cause to your time, money and reputation. It is thus essential for the protection of your investment and for your operator’s safety, to get your equipment checked from our service experts on a regular basis. Having dealt with customers all over the world, we know out of experience that many machine breakdowns could be avoided if a frequent maintenance inspection had been conducted.

    Want to extend the life of your machine? Here are some tips on how to take good care of your investment!

    To be on the safe side, you and your operators can contribute to a long machine life by following these steps:

    Firstly, carry out maintenance work of your machine, according to operational conditions and working situations. Conduct this exercise regularly as per your machine maintenance schedule.

    Use genuine pipes only from the OEM, and correct pipes according to the applicable pressure, to ensure trouble free operation. Carry out water pressure tests for pipes and also the couplings whenever necessary.

    Check the pipes, the couplings, seals and elbows on regular basis and change them as and when required.

    Take special care during winter by keeping the sponge balls in anti-freeze. Many a times, the sponge ball remains frozen within the boom, thus, hampering the operations of the machine.

    The hydraulic system is considered to be the "blond circulation" of a concrete pump. Disorders in the hydraulic system lead to error functions and usually the complete breakdown of the machine. The main cause of these breakdowns are defective valves or in extreme cases, also the breakdown of the hydraulic pump. These failures are almost always due to dirt in the hydraulic oil. To avoid this dirt, the hydraulic filter is an essential part of the oil circuit. By keeping the hydraulic oil clean, the filter protects the expensive components in the hydraulic system from damage and breakdown.


    When cleaning, pay special attention that no residue of concrete or other solids remains in the delivery hose. Only PM hoses are to be used as they can endure the prescribed operating and testing pressures, and are especially wear resistant. 

    Always keep a check on the wear parts in the machine, wear and tear of which may cause machine breakdown.

    In case of any worn or defective parts, get the parts replaced immediately.

    After completion of each job, make sure that you clean the pipeline, the hopper, cylinder, and end hose thoroughly with water. Lubricate all the points in the hopper area with the help of grease gun.

    If you have any further queries, our trained service staff is ready 24/7 to answer your questions. Find your closest Putzmeister service here.